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    Does BPM fit my business process?

    Luciano Greiner Newbie


      I have a strong business process in my company and i would like to know if BPM and Jboss BPM could help.

      It is a telecom company. For each service executed some document pendencies are generated, like photocopies, contracts, ...
      These services and pendencies flow thru some status until it is OK.

      To make this work, we did an AOP interceptor that infor documentation subsystem about a new service executed. After this we have two hard automatic agents running in background - one to generate document pendencies fot that service using service configuration present on database, and another flow agent.

      This flow agent look at all document pendencies in database and pass it to the next status if it is breaked for five days or more.

      The problem is that these agents are so hard coded, and who developed they had to put so much business rules on database.

      Does BPM or BPEL help us to refactor these agents and simplify the agents work?

      Thank you!