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    leaving transition on sub processes

    maplat Newbie

      I'm make heavy use of sub processes created by <process-state> nodes, which works fine.

      My problem is, that the process-state is always leaving on it's default transition and not according to the end-state of the sub process.

      Am I doing things wrong here or is there any other solution?

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          Koen Aers Master

          There is a workaround for this scenario. When your subprocess finishes, you save the name of the particular endstate in a process variable. You then configure you process state such that this particular process variable gets copied into the process variables of the superprocess. Then you leave the process state along the (only) transition which leads to a decision. In this decision you can choose between the different transitions you envision depending on the value of the set process variable.
          If this workaround is not sufficient for you in the long term, you can add a JIRA issue for adding support for what you want directly on the process-state node. You would then have to map the name of the endstate of the subprocess execution to a particular transition from the process state. This mapping would be an additional configuration option.


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            Peter Brewer Novice

            Has there been any further developments on this?

            I'm starting to use sub-processes and it would be very convenient to have the leaving transition of the process-state dependent on the end-state of the sub-process.

            So, if the queryProcess ends in a state of "Details received" I would like the process-state to use the "detailsReceived" transition. Is this possible, if so what do I have to do to configure it?

            TIA, Pete.

            process-state node:

             <process-state name="Medical query process">
             <sub-process name="queryProcess" />
             <variable name="member" access="read,write" />
             <transition name="noResponseRecieved" to="Medical details not entered" />
             <transition name="detailsReceived" to="Medical details received"/>

            sub process:
            <process-definition name="queryProcess">
             <start-state name="start">
             <transition name="" to="Call member"></transition>
             <task-node name="Call member">
             <task name="telephoneCustomerTask" description="Telephone Customer">
             <assignment actor-id="#{actor.id}" />
             <transition name="member provided details" to="Details received"></transition>
             <transition name="member unavailable" to="Details unobtainable"></transition>
             <end-state name="Details received" />
             <end-state name="Details unobtainable" />

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              Edward Staub Expert

              I think the only way to do this is to use a variable to pass status. You can set the variable in the final transitions or in the node-enter event of the end-states.

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              -Ed Staub