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    EJB Wrapper on jBPM

    Samuel Vetsch Newbie


      The deployment guide tell about EJB Wrapper. I did not found any reference on this wrapper in the 3.0 or 3.1 release. Is there still such a wrapper ?

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          andy malycky Newbie

          yes, could somebody from the jbpm team please elaborate on this point?

          the docs for version 2 deployment clearly state that "we have written an EJB-wrapper around the jBPM API". There is also another reference elsewhere to a SSB that can be used to access the services provided by jBPM.

          If so would there not be an SSB definition in the source code? I can't find any reference to this nor in the javadocs. If we need to write this ourselves, why not say so?

          The 3.0 doc does not reference this EJB wrapper but instead the service archive. What happened to the SSB (if it existed)? If I want to deploy jBPM on a different vendor AS, I assume an SSB will be of more use to me than the service archive.

          I wan't to access the jBPM services remotely, ie one AS cluster will be invoking the jBPM services that live on another AS cluster, and the SSB would be my first choice for this remote invocation.

          Any hints, tips, please?


          any tips here, am I way off base?