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    al thebird Newbie

      I am looking for documentation on "Asynchronous Continuation". The jar file I downloaded has the user guide but it's the same as the 3.0 guide. The release notes say to look in the user guides under the chapter "Asynchronous Continuation". I am puzzled. Please help.

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          Koen Aers Master

          I asked Tom the same question today. It turns out that he is still working on it. Stay tuned, the chapter is already in CVS. It will certainly be included soon.


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            al thebird Newbie

            Can you give me a brief overview of what this capability is so I know if its what I am looking for?

            Basically, I am interested in propogating tokens simultaneously after a fork. Using nodes, it seems that one path of execution will go all the way to the join, then the other path. I want both paths to execute asynchronously. I can do it using states, by signalling each token step by step.