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    horrible experience install jbpm

    Ktdr Newbie

      Hi to all,
      i'm shocked with install of jbpm, i had the very bad idea of compiling and works horrible... target dist it's full of errors... and it's not clear how deploy on jboss?? how made this??? copy all files on server/default/deploy ??? and then???? bad documentation boys... very bad documentation...

      greetings... :S

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          Rainer Alfoeldi Novice

          Come on 'katador'!

          How do you 'install' Hibernate. Put the jar in the claspath and use it!

          Same with jBPM. Put the required jars in the classpath and use them. Thats it.

          What more are you expecting?

          Though I'm sure the jBPM Team will give you a more sympathetic answer.


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            Alejandro Guizar Master

            Installation of most JBoss projects is a straight extract-configure-run procedure, with the "configure" part being optional. The jBPM starters kit is provided with this in mind. So it can't be that shocking.

            Anyway, from the jBPM user guide:

            5.3. jBPM in a web application

            Simply put the runtime libraries in the WEB-INF/lib folder of your web application archive (.war).

            5.4. jBPM in an EJB container

            [...]Simplest way is to put the runtime libraries into the global classpath of your application server.

            Alternatively, you can put the runtime libraries in your application.xml and reference them as libraries.

            The starters kit contains jBPM as a service archive.

            The last sentence points you to the approach to deploy on JBoss. You can read more in section 2.4.2 JBoss MBean services of the JBoss AS userguide.

            Alternatively, you can take 30 seconds to search for "install jbpm" in the forums. You will immediately find a three-step shortcut in topic install jbpm

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              Ktdr Newbie

              Thanks for the answer, now works inmediatly with those steps... :D