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    Mennen Newbie

      This is my first-time with JBPM, i downloaded the starter's kit, along with the GPD for JPBM..

      I opened the websale example and it works fine when i start the jboss server.

      So I did my own process, under ingenieur.par, and i added an action.. But I have no idea what-so-ever as to how to deploy this application.. Can someone tell me the steps I should follow?
      I am using eclipse with the jbpm plugin..

      I put the ingenieur.par under the same directory of the websale.par (src/process.examples), and modified the build.xml file to include my par file :

      I am trying to see find the mapping of the elements of the process of Websale.. I mean where are all the stuff stored.. I know it's done with hibernate, but i don't know where exactly can I create mapping of tables related to my process..



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          Mennen Newbie

          I dont know why it did not what to appear , but i actually pasted some code of my build.xml file..

          < target name="build.processes" depends="compile.examples" description="builds the example processes">
          < mkdir dir="build/ingenieur/classes" />
          < copy todir="build/ingenieur">
          < fileset dir="src/process.examples/ingenieur.par" />
          </ copy>
          < copy todir="build/ingenieur/classes">
          < fileset dir="build/classes.examples" includes="org/jbpm/ingenieur/**" />
          < /copy>
          < zip destfile="build/ingenieur.par">
          < fileset dir="build/ingenieur" />
          < /zip>

          </ target>

          (i just had to add spaces for the code to appear, otherwise it 'd be considered html code)

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            for Jbpm Novice

            foolow this post especially

            1) Use JBoss 4.0.2
            2) Fresh jBPM
            3) modify build.properties (gives system paths to jBPM and JBoss)
            4) ant tasks from build.xml: compile, build, build.processes
            5) ant tasks from build.deploy.xml (create.jbpm.configuration, start.jboss)

            That should get you going and using websale. To deploy your own .par
            1) At jbpm/src/process.examples/ add a directory <process name>.par
            2) Inside there should be your processdefinition.xml, gpd.xml, and processimage.jpg
            3) Add any java packages created in GPD to jpbm/src/java.examples
            3) modify ant taget build.process in build.xml (at about lines 182-193). This should reflect your <process name>.par, package name, temporary staging directory.
            4) Repeat the 5 steps mentioned above

            these steps.

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              lavanya sripada Newbie

              From the steps to deploy pars(posted by forjbpm), do we build each time there is a new process? or is there any other way to deploy too?

              When we use jbpm in a web app, do we still have to deploy jbpm.war, or does the library(jbpm.jar) do all the magic?

              Does any of these steps change when used in context of tomcat with mysql?

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                Mennen Newbie

                same questions as lappi_79..


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                  lavanya sripada Newbie


                  One quick question, (when jbpm is used withn a web app) are the pars deployed to the jbpm, build new jbpm.jar and that jar is used in the web app.
                  Or is it deployed in the web app itself (should the build script for the web app be changed to accomodate new process archives)?
                  Sorry if this sounds very obvious.