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    Creating a new process

    Mennen Newbie

      I deployed the websale example successfully.. i even tried to modify it to see if changes were made and taken into consideration in the webapp, and it did

      Now i copied it to duplicate it under another name : "websale2.par", and i modified the build.xml and added the following under "build.processes"
      < mkdir dir="build/websale2/classes" />
      < copy todir="build/websale2">
      < fileset dir="src/process.examples/websale2.par" />
      < /copy>
      < copy todir="build/websale2/classes">
      < fileset dir="build/classes.examples" includes="org/jbpm/websale/**" />
      < /copy>
      < zip destfile="build/websale2.par">
      < fileset dir="build/websale2" />
      < /zip >

      I buillt the application and deployed it (using a right click on the par file:"deploy par archive"), but the process still does not appear on the page (localhost:8080/jbpm).. what am I missing??

      Thanks in advance