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    Decision Expressions

    Chris Germano Newbie

      This always goes to the transition "yes" and never no. What am I doing wrong? This should always evaluate to the no transition. I could guess that the expression evaluation is failing to resolve, I don't see the error and it's taking the default first transition. Any ideas?

      <decision name="Cost Analysis" expression="#{ (5 > 1 ? 'no' : 'no') }" >
       <transition name="yes" to="join1"/>
       <transition name="no" to="Finished"/>

      I'm sure I had this working before but now it's not.
      I'm on jbpm 3.02 and I've followed the example test format:
       " expression='#{ ( >1000 ? \"important lead\" : ( budget>100 ? \"lead\" : \"beggars\")) }'>" +