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    functionality of jbpm.sar

    Ktdr Newbie


      After a lot of hours working, jbpm works fine with postgresql. But the curious thing it's what today i forgot start jboss and therefore jbpm!!!!, but all works fine!! save definition process, load definition process, etc... and then my question it's.... why i need jbpm.sar? what functionality have jbpm.sar? because on netbeans, i load the jbpm.jar, and the plenty of libraries needed.

      Thanks for your aclaration and time.



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          Joshua Tree Newbie


          The jbpm.sar is a service archive for JBoss, so that ou can use jbpm on top of J2EE/JBoss components without to configure hibernate/databases for each application. The sar archive contains a datasource that u can reference inside you applications. It also contains the libraries that you need (jbpm+jbpm-identity, hibernate.cfg, etc).

          About the curious thing that is maybe because your application has the configuration files in its scope (hibernata,etc). You don´t need JBoss for using jBPM. If you have all the configuration files needed within your application´s scope everything should work fine.

          Hope that helps