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    adviseNodeSelected issue displaying selected node rich-tree-

    Mark LoSacco Newbie


      I have a rich:tree which is used for navigation that is rendered from scratch dynamically (completely by code) whenever a page is visited.

      I am having a problem getting the selected node to be rendered using the rich-tree-node-selected style class. In other words there is no visual indication of which node is selected in the tree.

      I have implemented TreeStateAdvisor and am correctly getting the callback in adviseNodeSelected().

      I also have verified that a value of Boolean.TRUE is being returned for the single node which should be displayed as selected corresponding to the current page.

      I have defined css styles for class rich-tree-node-selected to display the selected node with a border around it:

      .rich-tree-node-selected {
       border-color: #000000;

      It seems like internally the component knows which node is the selected node, but it is not applying the correct style to the node. When the new page/tree is rendered.

      I should say that I have also implemented adviseNodeOpened() and this is working perfectly.

      Is this a bug? Is something out of sync? Maybe tree getting rendered before the adviseNodeSelected() is called?