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    Task assignment - spesific question

    issak dav Newbie

      Hi all,

      I did some test and here is my question:
      I saw that when the expression is expression = "group(hellsangels)"
      it's assigned in the pooledActor table as the group name - hellsangels.

      When the expression is:
      expression = "group(hellsangels) --> member(leaderofthegang)",
      and I'm sure that in the membership table there are 2 records with this member name - "leaderofthegang" ,
      it's assign the first user as the actorId of the TaskInstance (setActorId).
      there is no pooledActor for this TaskInstance.

      The findPooledTaskInstancesByActorId method retrive the TaskInstance
      by the actorId and not by the group name.

      How can I assign a task to some Users, i.e How can I create pooledActor
      with more then one record per TaskInstace.

      I think that the method resolveNextTerm in the ExpressionAssignmentHandler isn't function well.