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    graghavendra Newbie


      I'm using JBPM since quite some time. I had to change my workflow and when I changed it and run the application, I'm getting a java.lang.StackOverflowError. Im getting this error when I signal a transition. Could anyone please help me how to resolve this.


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          James Depoorter Novice

          Seems to me a recursive thingy. Best to use a unit test to discover this.

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            Alejandro Guizar Master

            As James says, if you have a cyclic transition without a waiting state in between, you can put jBPM into an endless loop that is eventually broken by the stack overflow. We can help you more if you post the stack trace and describe your environment.

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              insanely freak Newbie

              I have also tried with two Task nodes but still i get same result following is the processdefinition.xml file for aboce case:

              <process-definition xmlns="urn:jbpm.org:jpdl-3.1" name="process_name">
               <start-state name="start">
               <transition to="decision" ></transition>
               <task-node name="decision" create-tasks="true">
               <task name="decision_task" description="decision">
               <transition to="to_end" name="to_end"/>
               <transition to="taskNode" name="taskNode"/>
               <task-node name="taskNode" create-tasks="true">
               <task name="approve_task" description="hula">
               <assignment class="com.workflow.CostCenterAssignmentHandler">
               <transition to="decision" name="decision"/>
               <end-state name="to_end"></end-state>

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                Ronald van Kuijk Master

                what above testcase?