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    Help on jBPM

    boerse scholz Newbie


      I'm a total newbie in jBPM and Jboss and i have searched and searched to see if i can see how to work with this tool. i've read on-line tutorials and forums but i don't find the answers to my questions, so i ask you, as experts to see if you can help because i'm completely desesperated. I want to use jbpm 3.0.2 with jboss 4 as i think there are the stable releases (i have to make a project and therefore i try to use systems as stable as possible). The first problem i have is that i have the websale for example but i don't know how to modify it to test things.

      A step by step tutorial would be great.

      I have eclipse with all the plugins etc but i don't even know how to create (or "compile") something from the sources or java in order to load it in the jbpm/jboss, not even the examples. There is no doc for jbpm 3, isn't it? Please help...
      Thanks a lot in advance... :(

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          boerse scholz Newbie

          Thank you for your response, mehmetbilgi, i've read this docs but i still don't know how to compile one example (for example), deploy it and make it work (create the .par, the scripts for the database and everything). Is it really so complicated? Thanks!

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            Koen Aers Master

            Best thing is to download the (latest) Starter's Kit. The latest 3.1beta3 release is really worth using instead of the 3.0.2. Then extract the zip file and read the readme files.
            If you are able to startup the server and navigate your browser to http://localhost:8080/jbpm, you'll get an idea already of a sample application for jbpm. If you are able to install the Eclipse plugin, create process definitions with this tool and try to deploy them to the server you will already be a long way...

            Regards and success,

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              Sachin Shrotriya Newbie

              From where can I download jBPM 3.1 Beta3?

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                Koen Aers Master

                You will always find the most recent releases on the sourceforge download pages : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=70542.
                The stable releases are pointed to from the JBoss jBPM product page : http://www.jboss.com/products/jbpm/downloads

                Have Fun,

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                  boerse scholz Newbie

                  Hello Koen!

                  Thanks a lot for your cheers! Do you really think it's better to install v 3.1B3 than 3.0.2? I have already installed 3.0.2 with JBoss 4.0.3 (and Eclipse and its plugins) and works fine with the websale, but i would like to modify some things (add more fields to the example, etc) in order to practise with the jBPM.

                  1. (By the way I did't get to install the payraise from jbpm 2.0 in jboss 4.0, can you recommend me any post or link where this task is resolved?).
                  2. Question is: is it possible to EDIT and MODIFY the websale process using Eclipse in an easy way? How?
                  3. how can i get the .war collection?
                  4. how can i deploy everything and load it in the JBoss?
                  5. And a very importart question for me: is it possible to have several processes (different Workflows) on the server at the same time? (For example, to have payraise and websale running together in the same JBoss?) Is this possible? How can this be configurated? How would the services be distingued?

                  Really thanks to all the comunity for your support, i promise to resume all this knowledge and post it for the newbies like me as soon as i understand it and make it work! :)

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                    boerse scholz Newbie

                    I've found the solution for question 4: to deploy right click on the process in eclipse and (sometimes) works. To deploy via console do (as someone said):

                    1) Use JBoss 4.0.2
                    2) Fresh jBPM
                    3) modify build.properties (gives system paths to jBPM and JBoss)
                    4) ant tasks from build.xml: compile, build, build.processes
                    5) ant tasks from build.deploy.xml (create.jbpm.configuration, start.jboss)
                    That should get you going and using websale. To deploy your own .par
                    1) At jbpm/src/process.examples/ add a directory <process name>.par
                    2) Inside there should be your processdefinition.xml, gpd.xml, and processimage.jpg
                    3) Add any java packages created in GPD to jpbm/src/java.examples
                    3) modify ant taget build.process in build.xml (at about lines 182-193). This should reflect your <process name>.par, package name, temporary staging directory.
                    4) Repeat the 5 steps mentioned above

                    I know it's not complicated, but one has to know what has to do and until that point it is complicated.
                    I'd appreciate if someone could give me any advice about the other questions, over all number 5.
                    Thank you!

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                      Koen Aers Master

                      Sure you can do your point 5. Of course they will appear in the same default webapp. But if you need the (web) applications associated with the different workflows to be isolated from each other, you will have to develop your own...


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                        boerse scholz Newbie

                        Hi Koen, thank you for your answer. I don't think i'm able to develop such a thing as i can not even work by now fluently with jBPM ;). But thanks for your answer. What I have to do is to model differente processes, eg:

                        Task A - a clerk starts one process with different states, nodes and actions (and schedulings)
                        Task B - the same (or another) clerk start a process with other states completely (or partially different with A).
                        Task C, D...

                        I suppose the only way to model this would be to set at the very beginning a decission (?) node to see whick task will i follow, doesn't it? Maybe selecting from a combo which task to make and depending on it go thought one branch or another.

                        And other question :): i suppose that all the information stored on the hibernate database remains there forever (until someone deletes it), I mean, it doesn't dissapear when the task is finished, doesn't it?
                        Is there a way to get statistics from this database? I need to know how did it took a process (and the average) to finish. Thanks!