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    BPEL - abnormal end of process

    Adrian Andrei Newbie

      I have a BPEL process that use to end abnormally, somewhere in the middle of a sequence and no reason (or exception) was logged - I can see just the process end event there.

      The use case is:
      - have a global message type variable, store the response of some invoke activity (the message is multi-part, each is a string)
      - after an unrelated reply activity try to access a property part using bpel:getVariableData

      You will notice in log file how end process event is sent immediately after assign (even though there a lot of activities that follow).

      Sometimes, you may even have an exception logged, but when is not, it is very disturbing to see your process end without a cause - it takes a huge amount of time to debug.

      How do I know that is the cause? Simple, immediately after the first invoke, store the message part in a type variable and use that instead later on. The process ends successfully.

      Please let me know if you want more details, but I cannot share the BPEL code with you.