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    event handling and bubbling

    James Depoorter Novice

      Is it possible for event handlers to stop bubbling up?
      e.g. I have a task-create event handler on process level, and a specific task-create event handler on some task in the process. Is it possible to specify that the event processing should stop there?
      Of course, if events are processed top-down, this is rather impossible, but then I would question the top-down processing (e.g. javascript event handling bubbles up).


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          James Depoorter Novice

          Some quick investigation shows that the events are handled bottom-up.
          Good :-).
          I've did a little quick-and-dirty (no unit tests) job of:
          adjusting the xsd, to accept the "bubble-up" (true|false|yes|no)
          Added a property to event (guess which one)
          Adjusted the hibernate mapping and added a column to event table
          Adjusted the xml reader (and only that !!)
          It seems to work :-)