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    reinitializing datascroller

    s marquis Newbie

      I am using richfaces 3.1.5GA and I have the following issue a using the datascoller.
      I noticed that when the list backing the datascoller is changed, the scoller does not automatically come back to the first page and this annoys my customer.

      This is how I use the scroller:
      <h:dataTable rendered="#{searchFormBean.nbrFoundDocuments > 0}"
      var="doc" rows="10" width="100%" headerClass="scroller" ">
      <f:facet name="header">
      <rich:datascroller />

      The model of the data is a java.util.List in a backing bean in the session scope; when the content of the list is changed, how do I tell the scroller to go back to page 1 ?

      There doesn't seem to me to be anything in the HTMLDataScroller API to make this possible.

      Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
      Thanks in advance!