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    Serious bug

    issak dav Newbie

      I seems that I found a serious bug in the JBPM.
      in the TaskMgmtSession class there are queries with errors.
      "select ti " +
      "from org.jbpm.taskmgmt.exe.TaskInstance as ti " +
      "where ti.actorId = :actorId " +
      " and ti.end is null " +
      " and ti.isCancelled = false";
      isCancelled is number not boolean!

      The solution that I have is to Overwrite the class


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          issak dav Newbie

          It seems that this issue had been investigated:

          From the hibernate docs:

          3.4.5. Query Language Substitution

          You may define new Hibernate query tokens using hibernate.query.substitutions. For example:

          hibernate.query.substitutions true=1, false=0