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    BPEL - Client loading issues with EJB3 RC5

    Adrian Andrei Newbie


      We updated our JBOSS configuration with v 4.0.3. SP1 and we added the EJB3 RC5 module. Ever since I have problems deploying the BPEL client (v 1.4) and i have the following error message:

      --- Packages waiting for a deployer ---
      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentInfo@ae966e0c { url=file:/C:/XYZ/server/all/tmp/deploy/tmp65433myName-application.
      ear-contents/myName-client.jar }
       deployer: null
       status: Starting
       watch: file:/C:/XYZ/server/all/tmp/deploy/tmp65433myName-application.ear-contents/myName-client.jar
       altDD: null
       lastDeployed: 1139857944773
       lastModified: 1139857944742

      This is quite strange since the client jar contains only the application-client.xml, jboss-client.xml and jaxrpc-mapping.xml descriptors, nothing else.

      This jar file was successfully deployed on previous EJB3 RC1 implementation. I cannot test my BPEL scripts using java ws client code anymore. Is there a dependency that we forgot to update?