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    gettimer Scheduler

    Mennen Newbie


      I am trying to retrieve the duedate of the timer that i specified below

      <task-node name="task1">
       <task swimlane="tester" duedate="40 seconds">
       <variable name="Test comments"/>
       <timer duedate="20 seconds" repeat="10 seconds" transition="continue">
       <action class="org.jbpm.mennen.DoNothing"></action>
       <transition name="continue" to="task2"/>

      In the action within the timer (DoNothing),I am getting the duedate of the executionContext like this:


      But I am getting the due date of the task and not the due date of the timer.. How can I get the due date of the timer??

      I looked in the Java Doc and all i found was that i'd have to include something like this in my action in order to get the due date of the timer

      But how can i get this scheduler from my execution context in the action? All i get from within the action is SchedulerInstance, which has nothing to do with Scheduler itself..

      Thanks in advance
      Mennen Elkalyoubi