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    Use of Swimlane

    shriram e Newbie

      Dear All,

      Q1.Can anybody explain what is all swimlane about , and how to use it effectively?

      Q2. Is swimlane only purpose is to only assign a task to an actor.
      If that is the case, one can do it directly by calling AssignmentHandler in task node, right ?

      consider the follo
      wing two scenarios;
      Assuming iam setting the actor for the task in the AssignmentHandler class.

      task-node name="Finanical-Assesment" >
      task name="FAStep1">
      assignment class= 'com.demo.AssignmentClass.FAAssignmentHandler' />
      transition name="transition5" to="FA Task1">
      scenario 2
      swimlane name="Assessor">
      assignment class ='com.demo.AssignmentClass.FAAssignmentHandler'/>
      task-node name="Finanical-Assesment" >
      task name="FAStep1" swimlane = "Assessor">
      transition name="transition5" to="FA Task1">

      Assigning task to actors by both ways are similar right?
      what is the use of swimlane in this case ?

      Thanks in Adv

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          Koen Aers Master


          A swimlane is used when a number of tasks in the process have to be done by the same actor. Instead of assigning these tasks individually to the same actor the are assigned a swimlane (or a process role as you wish). Then it is sufficient to assign this role once to a particular actor (for the first task assumed by this swimlane) and all the other task in the process with the same swimlane assignment will automatically be assigned to the same actor.
          So your code excerpt is correct, but does not show the real benefit of swimlanes. These become apparent when there is a lot more tasks involved.

          Hope this helps,

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            shriram e Newbie

            Hi Koen,

            Thanks for the reply.

            Best Regards