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    Tasks -->Sub-Tasks

    shriram e Newbie


      I have a main task., and sub tasks under it. The main task must end only when the sub tasks end.

      MainTask-T1 ----------
      |-----> Task-T2
      |-----> Task-T3
      |------> Task-T4
      The Main Task T1 should end only after tasks T2,T3,T4 ends ?

      How could i represent this in process-definition ?
      Does JBPM supports this kind of scenario of tasks and sub-tasks?

      Any info regd this would be greatful..

      Best Regards

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          shriram e Newbie


          Can anybody guide me how to create a new child task under a parent task,
          without ending the parent task ? We have a requirement of this kind of scenario.

          For example, an Agency Supervisor(parent task) will create tasks for juniors(child tasks) under him and the Supervisior can close his task only after the juniors has ended their tasks.

          Thanks in Advance

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            Fred Muhlenberg Newbie

            I had a similar problem where I have an approval process that requires approvals to be done in order. If an approval is rejected, the process ends.

            My solution was to generate all the tasks up front but assign only one. Upon receiving an approval (ie task was completed), I assigned the next actor to the next available task and then ended the previous task. This was custom code in a servlet.

            For your case, I'd suggest creating and assigning all the tasks up front, store the Master task ID in a process instance context variable. Then, when all child tasks are completed, you could locate and end the Master task, then the workflow will continue.