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    LGPL question on jBPM

    Charles Feng Newbie


      Hopefully someone from JBOSS can answer these questions.

      I would like to know if I embed modified jBPMS (core, GUI, etc) in the following way in my commercial products without making it open source, whether it violates the LGPL

      If I develop and package my own GUI that generates the same process definition files (and maybe other config files) needed by the runtime engine to run. In other words, I will use the engine unmodified, but give the user an alternative tool for design time and run time management of their processes.

      Perhaps a related question to the above is (I'm pretty new to jBPM)

      How flexible is the GUI tool in terms of its ability to let me customize its look and feel, e.g. have my own icons associated with the nodes and such, so it can be 'branded' and be done (without modifying code) in a way considered 'intended' by the software and therefore not violating the LGPL?