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    display on webconsole

    Purvi Shah Newbie

      I have nstalled jbpm 3.0.2 startupkit.
      I tried to deploy one process throguh test class.
      I run test calss through Junit.
      Now in console(Eclipse) it is displaying no error,means inserted in DAtabase and process instance also created as I have written code for creation of Process instance and start of process.

      But I am not able to get process display on webconsole as websale process is displyed.
      Is it any configuration required for process to be displayed in webconsole.

      I tried to invoke DataManager through jmx console.
      But could not able to find process another websale in processdefinition table?
      PLease let me know why process is not displaying on webconsole adn HSQLDB manager console .