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    Implemeting own authitication module .

    vasa bab Newbie

      Hi ,

      I downloadded the sample example.

      it work fine but it is given problem when I want to used my login module for authication .
      e.g. my page contains the username and password as text fields and I have a method which check the username and password from th jbpm database.

      I can share the code


      <h4>Enter Username and password </h4>

      <h:outputText value="User Name"/>
      <h:inputText id="userName" value="#{userBean.userName}" required="true"/>

      <h:outputText value="Password"/>
      <h:inputText id="passWord" value="#{userBean.passWord}" required="true"/>

      <h:commandButton action="#{userBean.login}" value="Log In" />

      bean :

      public String login() {

      jbpmDataAccessBean dataAccessBean = new jbpmDataAccessBean();

      String dbPassword=dataAccessBean.getPassword(passWord.toString());

      // doing the check fron the username /password and sending next jsp /if error same page.


      sample example display combo box for the selection of user's.

      could anybody give me an idea how to do this?