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    async continuations - JMS factory sends messages before the

    edgar poce Newbie


      I've got a small problem with the asynchronous continuations.

      According to the docs "The messages will be sent as part of the GraphSession.saveProcessInstance", my problem is that JMSMessageServiceFactory is sending the messages before the process is saved, is there any config option to make JMSMessageServiceFactory to send the messages only after the process is saved?. I'm using the service deployment model (jbpm.sar) in JBOSS 4.0.3SP1.

      thanks in advance,

      JMS factory config

       <service name="message">
       <bean name="org.jbpm.msg.jms.JmsMessageServiceFactoryImpl" class="org.jbpm.msg.jms.JmsMessageServiceFactoryImpl">
       <field name="connectionFactoryJndiName"><string value="XAConnectionFactory"/></field>
       <field name="destinationJndiName"><string value="queue/jbpm/async"/></field>