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    TaskInstance: ISOPEN_ attribute set to 1 (in suspend/resume

    Mennen Newbie


      I just tried to suspend a process. And then i resumed it.
      The result was that, in the tasklist of the user i had a bunch of taskInstances to be done. The problem is that there are tasks that are completed, but that still appear on the tasklist.

      I checked in the database and noticed that those task instances had their ISOPEN_ attribute set to 1.

      Is this normal? Here is the suspend method :

      * suspends this execution. This will make sure that tasks, timers and
      * messages related to this process instance will not show up in database
      * queries.
      * @see #resume()
      public void suspend() {
      isSuspended = true;

      and the resume method only sets 'isSuspended' to false. So when and where is the ISOPEN_attribute set to 1? and what does this attribute mean?

      Thanks in advance,