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    Hoe to use swimlanes by group instead of user

    Rejith Krishnan Newbie

      Hi there,

      In the websale example the swimlane assignments use user(....). I want to use group(...) instead. I did the following:

      <swimlane name="salesman">
       <assignment expression="group(salesman)"/>
      then I changed the identity to look like this:
       <user name="cookie monster" email="cookie.monster@sesamestreet.tv"/>
       <user name="ernie" email="ernie@sesamestreet.tv"/>
       <user name="bert" email="bert@sesamestreet.tv"/>
       <user name="grover" email="grover@sesamestreet.tv"/>
       <group name="salesman"/>
       <group name="accountant"/>
       <group name="shipper"/>
       <membership user="ernie" group="salesman" />
       <membership user="bert" group="accountant" />
       <membership user="grover" group="shipper" />
      By doing this my understanding was that I should now be able to use
      List tasks = taskMgmtSession.findTaskInstances("ernie");
      to get the list of tasks assigned to the group salesman at a given point. It doent seem to work even when there are tasks waiting from "salesman" which is ernie's group.

      Any idea what I am doing wrong here?