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    Hierarchy of tasks

    Mats N Newbie

      How would one model several tasks in hierarchy?
      What I would be able to do is:
      - group several tasks {T1, T2, .., Tn} in groups G1 = {T1, T2, ..}
      - group several groups {G1, G2, .., Gn} in phases so that P1 = {G1, G2, ..}

      When T0 -> Tn all have signaled the group Gn finishes.
      When G0 -> Gn all have signaled the phase Pn finishes.

      Setting this up with fork and joins would suggest that:

      start -> phases_fork -> p1..pn fork -> g1..gn task-node which contains {T1...Tn} task -> p1..pn join -> phases_join -> end

      So far so good. :)

      My problem is that in my ui i need to be able to render the hierarchy to screen but I see no way of knowing wich phase and group a particular task belong to.

      I guess I could add two variables to every task but it seems awkard at best.

      I've been thinking about superstates, milestones etc but have no real idea how to go about this. Any suggestions?


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          Tom Baeyens Master

          the way you modelled the process seems fine.

          afaik, you wouldn't need two variables. you would need to customize the UI to show your hierarchical task list.

          regards, tom.

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            Mats N Newbie

            Ok, I'll rephrase my question somewhat.

            When I got my processinstance running I don't see how I can visualize the different levels of the process. The idea was to present the user with a treegrid with different indentation for each level but how do I know to which "phase" a particular task belong to.

            Pseudocode for what I would like to accomplish:

            For the current instance:
            loop the different phases (how? the are represented by forks)
            for each phase loop the different groups
            for each group loop the tasks

            I guess I could follow the start-state to the first fork and then follow the transitions or something like that.

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              Mats N Newbie

              I forgot an additional problem.
              The end uses want to be able to plan their phases, ie, to set a dueDate on a phase.

              Only solution I can come up with is to add a task at the end of each phase and let the user set dueDate on that...