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    WebApp jbpm problems:Hibernate.cfg.xml not found

    Fabio Fabbi Newbie

      Excuse me,but i have created a webApplication with Eclipse and Tomcat.I need a simple servlet
      that call the methods deployProcessDefinition() of a class "Process" inside my webapp.
      But when i call the methods from the servlets for insert the process definition in the Db,i have ever this exception:

      HibernateException : hibernate.cfg.xml not found

      i have the src/config.files in my wepApp ,i have put this also in tomcat but i have ever the same problems.
      I don't know the good step for create a webapp that use jbpm and find the many xml for configuration.
      If someone have an advice for me for resolve this problem or for create a new good structure of webapplication for to run it in Tomcat...!
      Excuse for my english..i'm italian!