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    Tom Bayens "The State of Workflow"

    Maurizio Tidei Newbie


      I am writing my thesis on WfMS and BPM.

      I need to know when the article ?The State of Workflow? was written. Do you think Workflow has already passed the peak on the Hype curve?



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          Tom Baeyens Master

          the hype curve on BPM and workflow barely moved in my opinion.

          the problem is that there is too much confusion in the market. no concensus around a common foundation.

          we are proposing such a foundation that takes quite a different angle. it's called Graph Oriented Programming (http://jbpm.org/gop).

          regards, tom.

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            Maurizio Tidei Newbie

            Thank you for the quick reply!

            I have another Question:

            I started writing about jBPM as follows:

            jBPM is a Workflow Management System in Java....

            Then I wondered: jBPM is a WfMS?? A few pages before I described the difference between BPM and WfMS.

            What is the pure BPM part of jBPM?
            Or should jBPM be called jWfMS? :)

            Thank you!


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              Tom Baeyens Master

              clear definitions of BPM, workflow and orchestration are impossible. there are too many features in that area and different people see a different subset of those features for each of these terms.

              what will become very clear in the future is something we call "graph based execution langauges". for more info, see http://jbpm.org/gop That chapter had a major revision recently and will get a minor revision soon. It contains all our knowledge on the subject and its very condens. read it at least once a week :-)

              regards, tom.