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    Help, i am stuck with jbpm

    Ingo Ott Newbie

      Hi at all,

      i am developing a major application with jboss and jbpm. It will be an integration plattform that is connecting at least 6 databases. Now i managed to adapt jbpm that it uses postgres, ldap for authentication and i deployed a simple process with a start state, onde task node and a end state.
      The start-state has a task and the task has an action that will be executed at "task.assign".

      The problem i have is that i cannot get the actorId. It simply is null. Although the getAuthenticatedActorId-Method says that it is null too. After the login process the getAuthenticatedActorId-Method says my login, but when i am processing a proecess it is null?

      Did i forgot something in the code? How does the authentication in jbpm work? Does it have something to do with the swimlanes? At the moment i use the swimlane "personal" but i don't have the actor associated with "personal". The funy thing - if it has something to do with the swimlanes - is that i can start the process. After i closed and finished the task, jbpm says "a new task has been assigned to null".

      I am using jBPM 3.0.

      Many thanks in advance,