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    autntification in JBPM

    jmix2006 Newbie

      I want to test autentification not only by username , but also Password for example , but the API of JPBM provide only a test on username .
      ( Authentication.popAuthenticatedActorId();
      please help me!!

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          Ingo Ott Newbie


          i am using jBPM 3.0 and i managed to add a new method in the Authentication class in jbpm.org.security package that has a signature with username and password. The methods name is pushAuthenticatedActorId(String username, String password) - polymorphism.
          That method speaks and authenticates against an OpenLDAP server. The method is called by the login()-method of the UserBean. After the successful login the password is set to null and i am only working with pushAuthenticatedActorId(String username). In every jsp-page i use the UserBean to check, whether the username is set, if not, no access is granted to the jsp.

          I am currently working on how to use the Authorization class in order to set up process-pages (home.jsp) according to the role one person has.

          I don't know if this method is a dirty one, but maybe someone tells me a better method.

          I hope i could help,


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            jmix2006 Newbie

            if you got some news in this way this is my e-mail:nabilblk@gmail.com