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    Feature Request: Priority for Tokens or Priority propagation

    Alexey Kakunin Newbie

      I have a feature request - before adding it into JIRA want to discuss it here.

      For current moment priority may be specified for Task (and as result will be assigned to TaskInstance).

      User may change priority of task instance... but... I think it is not enough.

      For example - we have process for processing ToDos. This process has different steps: specifying todo, assignment, processing, requesting additionalo information, results verification...

      We cannot say in process definition priority for this tasks - usually it is normal.
      But - it is much more improtant to be able to specify priority for the process instance - so, then we create new todo (and stating new process instance with new token) - specify priority of this process.

      Here I see different ways to implement it:

      Priority Propagation - priority assigned to the task instance stored in token and then assigned to the all next tasks (in case then no any special priority is not specified in this task);
      Priority may be assigned to the process (in this case we will have process priority - and priority of the task in this process);
      Priority may be assigned to the token (and in split node we can assig different priorities to different subtokens);

      Of course it is possible implement by ourself by writting special actors and so on - thanks to the really high jBPM flexibility, but I think it is good feature for jBPM core