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    Help About cammunda toolkit

    jmix2006 Newbie

      i have been donlowding the cammunda toolkit ,
      but i dont have any idea how to test it .
      i try to testadmin client from a simple class Test.java (Swing class)
      but i doesn't work .
      is there any documentation or how to use this Api
      (the site of cammunda is in german)

      nabil belakbir

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          Bernd Ruecker Master

          Hi Nabil,

          sorry for the delay, I was on holidays. And sorry that there isn't any good documentation for the toolkit at the moment, because of lack of time...

          Wihtou a Application Server you should be able to start the Admin-Client with the following code:

          AdminClient adminClient = AdminClient.getInstance();
          adminClient.initAdminServices( new LocalAdminServicesDelegate("/jbpm.cfg.properties") );
          this.getContentPane().add( adminClient.getClientPanel() );

          The "/jbpm.cfg.properties" must be in classpath and configured for jbpm 3.1.

          Hope that helps?

          Best regards