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    Use 2 databases in Jbpm !!!!

    jmix2006 Newbie

      i am using jbpm with Mysql to develop a workflow application( web with struts) .
      in the information system , SQL server 2000 database is using .
      the problem :
      *it is a good idea to keep mysql for Workflow system,and SQL server 2000 for information system ??
      *or merge Jbpm to sql server 2000?
      *the merging to sql server 2000 is easy ??


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          Fred Muhlenberg Newbie

          My personal recommendation is to use only one database -- fewer moving parts. Of course, that also gives the single point of failure. If the database is down, so is workflow. But, how often does that happen?

          Migrating jBPM to use another database is straight forward. Since I just went through this, look at the chapter 8 of the 3.1 users guide.