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    How to exit a fork? (besides the join node)

    Mennen Newbie


      I've been trying to test the execution flow of a process definition that contains a fork.
      The fork has two children:

      <fork name="fork1">
       <transition name="materiel" to="reception materiel"></transition>
       <transition name="facture" to="reception facture"></transition>

      The special thing about these transitions is that they are both going to end in wait states (associated with timers). (ie: "reception materiel" and "reception facture" are states)

      In my test case, as soon as I get into the fork node with a
      , that's when the trouble begins: I can't manage to make the process get out of these states in the same time. The token is either on the first one or the other(or both of them). All I want to do is exit the fork without having to go through the join node.

      I do have a join node, but sometimes, if the process doesn't go as expected, i have to end it . And I have 2 end states. On of them is for normal behaviour, the other one for exceptional ones.

      Any clues as to how to get out of this fork?

      Thanks in advance,