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    General State Identification Issue

    david trattnig Newbie

      While developing my workflow I've got following situation: I wonder how to get the actual workflow-status. e.g. I'd like to read the actual state of the workflow and according to this state set e.g. the permissions of a resource in my CMS and create a new task.

      For example:

      <approval-state> (= task-node w. assignment handler)
      <publishing-state> (= task-node w. assignment handler)

      1. the system starts the workflow and moves the root-token to the approval-state
      2. the system reads the actual workflow-state-name (planned to be represented as swimlanes)
      3. the system reads group/all users from a database which are assigned to this state
      4. the user chooses one user/group
      5. the system creates a new task with previous chosen user/group-data[i/]

      Now my questions:

      * Is it possible to have an Assignment Handler in the task-node and an additional swimlane declaration which has also an assignment handler? The Tutorial says you should not use an assignment in task & swimlane. If it helps: In the swimlane i would like use no specific class as handler - i only want to define it as a string

      * If issue one is solvable: How can I read the swimlane-string? How to read it outside the workflow OR how to read it in an ActionHandler and write it to the Process-Context?

      * Is there a better solution to identficate a workflow-state? By any node-data, process-context or something like that?