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    Newbie Fork-Join Process Issue

    Aloke Agarwal Newbie

      I am using a Fork-Join in my process. However the process is not executing the other path in my fork. I am using the below code to run my process:
      while(!instance.getRootToken().getNode().getName().equalsIgnoreCase("end")) {

      After the fork it is transitioning and running the first path in the path however it is not taking the other transition in the path.

      Any ideas?

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          not without knowing your process. It could be that you have long running synchronous actions in the first path. Then the process will not execute the other path. jBPM is not a threadmanager, so it is by itself not running conncurrent paths in multiple threads. If you want concurrent paths to execute in 'parallel', you should use asynchronous actions

          hth a little