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    Newbie Question about signaling

    Berry Crawford Newbie


      Sorry if this is a dumb question but in most code examples Ive seen a process is advanced by calling processInstance.signal() and that works fine in my proof of concepts. However lets say there is an issue where node "a" branches to node "b" and "c". How can I access "b" and "c" tokens individually so I can advance them manually when work they initiate is finished? If I just called processInstance.signal() how would it know which one to advance?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Konstantin Kolev Newbie

          Hi, qweniden!
          For accessing the child tokens you can use one of:

          processInstance.getRootToken().getChild(String childName)
          processInstance.getRootToken().getChildrenAtNode(Node aNode)

          AFAIR the child name is formed like:

          and so on.
          Where the left most
          stands for the root token.
          If it doesn't work try using nodeName (where the child token should be residing) instead of transitionName since I am not absolutely sure about the formation of the child token name.

          Hope this helps!

          Regs, Saviola