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    jBPM DB Queries under jbpm 3.1

    Sven Binnewies Newbie


      currently we are migrating our application from jbpm 2 to 3.1. How are the jbpm db queries handeld in 3.1? So far I haven't found anything like JbpmQuery and somethign like executionService.findByQuery? Is this all done via API calls now or do we have to use hibernate directly to query the jbpm db?

      Here is a little code example of what we try to migrate:

      String hql = "select v from org.jbpm.model.execution.impl.VariableInstanceImpl as v " +
      "left join v.token as t " +
      "where v.name = \"umsatzId\" " +
      "and t.end is null " +
      "and t.actorId = :actorId" ;
      JbpmQuery j = new JbpmQuery( hql );
      j.addParameter("actorId", name);
      List variables = executionService.findByQuery(j);