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    call for examples

    Tom Baeyens Master


      | I couldn't figure out where to post this suggestion, so hope
      | it's ok that I send it to you:

      user forum

      | It seems like you generate your jBPM User Guide somehow (or
      | maybe just converted from some other format?)


      | anyway, since some examples (those i've tried so far) are not
      | up-to-date with the current version of jBPM, and as always
      | this will be a constant catchup problem for any new versions
      | of the software, I got the idea that you create all examples
      | you want to use as real (good documented) junit test in the
      | software, and when you generate the documentation those junit
      | tests are included directly from the test directory.
      | (an extraction script could easily be hacked together with
      | Perl in worst
      | case)

      i do it manually :-(

      | That way the examples in the documentation will always work,
      | otherwise the release would not have passed the junit tests.

      the examples are not in the overall unit test suite.

      | At the moment I am feeling a bit frustrated regarding the
      | lack of examples and documentation with jBPM, at the moment I
      | am banging my head with trying to create a simple session EJB
      | that should be my interface to call jBPM (it dies completly
      | at the jBPMConfigurator.getInstance() with some exception).

      if the exception doesn't help you find the problem, you can raise a jira issue. state the problem you experienced and the exception that you got.

      | Imo, documentation and examples are the most important parts
      | to get a spread use of any open source software; I would
      | gladly have only half the features but excellent
      | documentation/examples so I could be able to focus on coding
      | my application code (instead of spending days trying to
      | figure out how to use jBPM). I don't think I am alone in
      | thinking like this.

      we always welcome any initiative in that area from community members like you.

      | cheers,