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    Custom ExpressionAssignmentHandler

    Rodrigo Peinado Newbie

      Section 11.11.3 Removing the identity component says that:

      In case you want to reuse the ExpressionAssignmentHandler and bind it to your user data store, you can extend from the ExpressionAssignmentHandler and override the method getExpressionSession.

      but it doesn't say how to register the custom ExpressionAssignmentHandler.

      Anyone knows how?



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          Mrudula Madiraju Newbie

          Hello. This may be a very late reply to the original post. However, I tried this recently and thought the reply might help anyone else looking for the answer.

          I got this working in my code by replacing the

          with your fully qualified custom class name.

          in the java file org.jbpm.jpdl.xml.JpdlXmlReader.java

          You have to change the jbpm code for this. Ideally ofcourse, it should have been a configurable property in the configuration file in the lines of persistance, message, scheduler etc.

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            Olivier Kloss Newbie

            hmmm, I'm pretty sure it was configurable in a previous version. At least, that's what I did (setting my classname in a configuration file). I didn't have to modify the jbpm code.
            Was anything changed in the latest release?