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    do a test to an actionHandler

    pedro costa Apprentice

      I've a process definition that has an action associated to an actionHandler that updates an entry in the database. The problem is that, i'm running a test to my process definition using class with the junit in the eclipse.

      So i get the following problem:

      (ClassLoaderUtil.class 58 ) ----------- ClassLoaderUtiL.getStream -----------
      (ClassLoaderUtil.class 59 ) Resource: jbpm.cfg.xml
      (ClassLoaderUtil.class 60 ) SystemClassLoader: sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@a39137

      Because my actionHandler updates a database, i must have deployed my project in the deploy directory of jboss AS.

      But if i do this, how can i test my processdefinition trough junit?

      By other words, how can i test an actionHandler that need jboss AS running?