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    Post-Dated tasks

    shriram e Newbie


      I have a scenario in our prj. where i need to create a post-dated tasks. This means that the task will be created, but it should be available (or) visible to the user only on the specified date.

      Example : I create a task today but it should be visible to the actor acting upon it on Apr 15th(any date) becoz of some business rules.


      1) I need to specifiy this date (Apr 15th) while creating the task. how do i do this and where to specify?

      2) also say, the above task is created for actor "ASD". when actor "ASD" login, he should not see the task created above until Apr 15th as this is a post-dated task. how ?

      Please help !!!

      Thanks in Adv

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          Koen Aers Master

          I think the best way to do this is to disable automatic creation of the tasks in the task-node. Then you create your tasks in an action handler when the token enters your task node. Along with creating the task you put the 'visible date' in an additional table you create. You can then in your user interface use a custom query to lookup only the tasks that should be visible because the 'visible date' is past.

          Hope this helps,