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    Difficulties with jbpm-db

    fptoth Newbie

      I have been working with jbpm-db from the starter kit, attempting to build database support in MS SQL-Server.

      The generated create/drop scripts work properly when run manually, and I can confirm the problems with overall record size that are documented.

      However, from there I have been having nothing but problems.

      At first, all tests failed because of "class not found" for c3p0 connection pooling (presumably not included in the starter kit).

      I found that package and added it to jbpm. Now, however, the tests appear to want to use their own idea of user name and password, even though the correct ones are configured in mssql/hibernate.properties.

      Thus I get all failures because tables can't be found, etc.

      Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this to run? The documentation suggests that it's possible!

      And what about the record size issue? Is there any reason why jbpm can't use TEXT fields instead of VARCHAR for these large fields?