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    New GPD Property Page

    Matt Jackson Newbie

      I am working on some GPD modifications, and am looking to make a property page for the decision node. I have created a test class that extends "PropertyPage" etc. Added it to plugin.xml, but when I right click on a decision it does not show. That makes sense because I cannot find anywhere where a property page is assigned to the the figure. (i.e. where do we say when right clicking on a figure popup the context menu. then when you click on properties if it is a decision node then show these pages?)


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          Koen Aers Master



          This would be the way to contribute the page to a decision node. I am by the way very interested in this extension. I assume this will be usable for all jbpm users that use decision nodes. Would you mind to contribute it so that it gets included in the distribution?


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            Matt Jackson Newbie

            Ok, so that code is what I am doing. When I right click on the decision node and select properties I do not see the new "Whatever" page. ..

            I will keep trying today. My page class must be missing something...

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              Matt Jackson Newbie


              I actually have another quick question for you. In the NodeHeaderFigure class, or any class for that matter, is there a way to get a specific node object instead of just the name and type. Is there a class taht will return a node given a name or type? I looked but could not see such a method anywhere?

              Thanks again

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                Koen Aers Master

                No, you want to ask that info to the NodeEditPart (the controller), which has a reference to its model.