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    swimlane question

    Greg McGregor Newbie

      I am new to jBPM, and not still clear as to how to use the Swimlane and SwimlaneInstance.

      In the websale processdefiniton.xml, the swimlanes have user name expressions assigned. Is this the normal way to do it, or should I have an assignment handler class pick and assign an actor?

      If the asignment handler is recommended way (to cope with employee turnover, for example), what value is the swimlane anyway?

      Thanks for your answer!

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          Koen Aers Master

          The expressions used in the websale processdefinition are nothing else than a special kind of assignmenthandler. So if you use the jBPM identity module, this expressions are very convenient. Look in the docs for how you should use this. If the provided identity model does not meet your needs, feel free to use LDAP or any other system and use your own assignmenthandler to assign the swimlane to an actor.