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    Task as struts action?

    Greg McGregor Newbie

      I have been toying withan idea of binding a Struts action as a task in a
      In this model, we let the process execution decide the page flow in a webapp,
      rather than Struts deciding the next action.

      Any thoughts on if this might be feasible?

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          in jbpm 3.0/3.1 you will see the taskbean and homebean return static 'goto page' values. You could adapt these beans to return a dynamic value, e.g. the taskname or transitionname and have a struts mapping that makes sure the correct page is shown. This way the process decides which page to show. 3.0/3.1 is jsf based, but the concept is the same

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            Derek Shen Newbie

            The idea is kind of what I am looking for - be able to associate web form with a task within the workflow. When workflow comes to that task, a web form is shown. When the webform is submitted, action is performed and then decision is made to move on to the next step within the workflow.

            From very high level, it's kind of building a long run wizard - tubotax online type of application. Go through a series of pages with branching and other workflow logic. User can leave at any point. When user comes back, user is able to pick up right from where he levave last time.

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              great, so jBPM is a fit for you?