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    Problem in Work flow Example......pls guide..

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      Hi all,
      I have created a simple work flow using jboss jpbm.
      i downloaded the jbpm-starters-kit-3.1 and worked on JBoss Eclipse IDE.

      The scnerio is :-
      Grover sends an interview requrest.
      Bert accpet the interview request and starts processing interview.
      Bert submits the interview feedback to HR(grover).
      Grover goes through the feedback and select/reject the candidate.
      On selection the offer letter is issued.

      I have successfully deployed it on jbpm server and it's running perfectly.

      now i want to know.
      1-> There should be facility to send(upload) candidate resume while sending an interivew request to Interviewee (bert) so that bert can review the candidate resume.
      2- > Same thing while submitting the interview feedback(upload feedback from) to HR (Grover).

      How to achieve above things.
      How to implement the uploading facility..

      one more thing is...how could i use the radio buttons... like ..accept Interview Request or Reject ...

      All reply will be highly appriciated...

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