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    Start Node with node-enter Action

    Luca Faggioli Newbie

      Hi all!

      I'm writing a simple process where, when the user starts a new process instance, I want the first form to have some pre-filled information in it.

      In order to do that I thought of using a node-enter Action in the Start Node, but, for some reason, the action never gets called.
      Instead, everything looks working if the node-enter action is placed in a Task Node.

      Am I missing something?


      P.S.: I'm using jBPM3.1 with its webapp as frontend

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          Konstantin Kolev Newbie

          Hi, Luca!
          The thing you are missing is that a start-node doesn't have a node-enter event.
          Think about it - you don't enter a start-node, you just leave it. The same is valid for an end-node - you never leave an end-node, tha't why it is called end-node.


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            Luca Faggioli Newbie

            Hi Saviola,
            thanks for the reply!

            Two things then:
            1. I guess the eclipse plug-in has to be fixed: right now it allows you to define a node-enter action for a start node.
            2. What you say makes sense, but I still do not understand why a start-node, which contains a task like any task node, cannot have an action which does some chores on the variable before the webform is presented to the user.

            I think this situation is quite common in BPM: e.g., having the "start date" automatically pre-filled, or a unique process instance ID automatically generated and shown in the first form, and so on... am I wrong?

            How am I suppose to pre-fill the variables? Any idea?


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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              1: work has been done on this, but it was to complex to maintain in the xsd. It could be that it is in the ide itself to, then I agree that it should be fixed

              2: I am thinking of extending the 'start process' method to pass it a map of variables so that it can be passed on when the process starts.